About Prakash Driving School

(a)People are not having much time with them because of fast life of todays. So besides full courses we have discovered crash confidence courses in teaching like -
1. Total 180 minutes course.
2. Total 1 day course.
3. Total 7 day course.
You may choose any one of the courses according to your circumstances and need.

(b)Full Course -This driving course is for fifteen days and will cover total 10 hours on road driving.

(c)Theory Classes - Besides 10 hours on wheels driving, we will give you 6 hours on General vehicle maintenance and theory classes. This will include that how to maintain your vehicle. Also knowledge of different traffic signs, traffic rules and all parts of vehicle.

Training for Outsiders � Peoples who are living out side of Jabalpur, like M.P. Chhattisgarh, and other states of India & abroad may come for 1 day in Jabalpur (MP). We will teach and exercise them the method of basic driving so that they can practice in their home city, according to RTO rules and with a licence holder sitting beside them.

Home Tuition -We provide home tuition also, our vehicle will pick you up from your residence and will drop back after compeleting the lessons. For this you are to pay the fee which depends on the distance of your residence from our schools.