About Prakash Driving School

Inventions On The Method Of Teaching Driving -In my 24 years of experience as trainer I have invented very effective teaching methods in moving and standing vehicles. This method keeps you comfortable and fearless while learning on wheels. These methods are used in 4 and 2 wheelers both. My, carefully designed teaching method prevents you to commit silly mistakes during learning besides this unique teaching method gives tremendous help to the following kind of learners -

1. People who have left the complete hope of learning motor driving due to fear or had met any accident or hits while learning in past.

2. People who are very weak on learning driving and very slow learners.

Handicaped - Disable people who are suffering from "POLIO" and any kind of body disability are also trained on 4 and 2 wheelers after a easy check up and within the R.T.O. rules.

"No Accident" Driving Exercises- Our special no accident driving exercises and confidence tricks have given safety to thousands of learners and drivers.